Dancing is for everyone, no matter your age, experience level or ability.

Dancing is a lot of fun and an incredible tool to develop key social, mental and physical skills. Of course dancing improves your stamina, balance and coordination but it also aids in mood regulation, memory retention and self-esteem.

At Move, we have a range of classes and services suitable for beginners through to professional Ballroom dancers. 

Elegant Dancers



Natalie began dancing as a teenager and it didn't take long for her to begin competing in the Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin styles. 

As a competitor, Natalie has many titles under her belt, including multiple Australian  Championships. Natalie spent time training in Paris under Angelik Meyer in the Latin American style. 

Outside of the Ballroom, Natalie owns and operates the Count me in dance School and is a renowned business consultant. 

Natalie is one of the Founders of Move Studios, passionate about creating a welcoming and fun environment for everyone. 

The Move Ballroom Community

Our Classes & Services

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Jordan has specialised in Ballroom Dance for many years, with more than 10 years experience competing in DanceSport around Australia and around the World. In this time, Jordan has had the honour of representing Australia at the Under 21 Standard World Championships in Moldova as well as being named Australian and National Under 21 Standard Champion. Along with his dance partner Violeta, Jordan is named a Finalist in the Amateur Open Standard at the Australian DanceSport Championships and is currently ranked 3rd in Victoria in the Amateur Open Standard Division.

Focusing always on improvement before results, Jordan and his dance partner Violeta have trained with, and learnt from, World Champions in Italy, Lithuania, China, Singapore and Ukraine, and intend to continue competing and learning at an International Level. 


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Violeta was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and discovered her passion for dance at a very young age. She learnt Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre before heavily emerging herself into Flamenco dancing for 10 years.  Violeta then discovered ballroom dancing. Along with her partner Jordan, she represented Australia in competitions around the world and has learnt off world champions and top coaches in countries such as Italy, Ukraine, China, Lithuania, Singapore and Malaysia. She is a finalist in the Australian DanceSport Championships and is currently ranked 3rd in Victoria in the Open Amateur division. In 2020, Violeta was invited the honour of becoming a Professional Dancer for Dancing With The Stars Australia. 



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Catherine Saisi has a love of dance taking her first dance steps in ballet at the age of 4, then broadening her dance repertoire with jazz ballet, Irish dancing and ballroom dancing.   As an ADS and Dancesport Australia accredited Coach she teaches and coaches the social dancer through to the highly competitive dancer, coaching Australian Ballroom Champions, Victorian State level Roller-skater Champions, developing a successful school program “Dancing for Confidence”, demonstrating and instructing dance at corporate levels.    In 2001 Catherine, together with her husband Lucio, opened the successful dance studio Sassi Dance.  Sassi Dance is heavily involved in teaching dance to the local community in their pursuit of dance through Dancesport, Ballroom, RocknRoll and Street Latin as well as many local Primary and Secondary schools through their sports, arts, graduations, presentations and formals.  Sassi Dance provides dance to the local Monkami Centre residents and voluntarily to Croydon U3A.   Catherine currently holds a position on the Victorian Committee of the Australian Dancing Society Victorian Branch.



Brent is original from Adelaide, South Australia where he started dancing at the age of 12.  He has been the winner of every major championship in Australia covering 3 styles.  Some of Brent’s achievements have been;

  • 1983 & 84 Australian Amateur New Vogue Champion

  • 1987 Australian Professional Rising Star Ballroom and Latin Champion

  • 1989 Australian Professional Latin Champion

  • 1987, 88 & 89 Australian Professional 10 Dance Champion

  • International Amateur Latin Semi Finalist

  • World Professional 10 Dance Semi Finalist, 9th place.

Brent can be seen on many adjudicating panels around the Australia and is heavily involved in teaching and coaching many of todays top competitors.  He is also one of Australia’s leading dressmakers and designers with is former dance partner Jenni.


Jason started dancing at the age of 3 in Brisbane, Australia, as dancing was a huge part of his family. Melbourne then called which is now where he resides.


Jason has many titles to his name including:

  •   New South Wales, Victorian, South Pacific, Australasian and NCDC Professional Champion covering all 3 styles.

  • Undefeated Australian Professional New Vogue Champion 1996, 97 & 98.

  • Australian Professional 10 Dance Champion, 1997, 98 & 2000

  • Semi Finalist World Professional 10 Dance Championship.  1998, Dortmund, Germany.

  • 5th place Asian Pacific Professional 10 Dance Championship.  2000, Hong Kong. and many more

Now a very much in demand coach, lecturer and adjudicator throughout Australia. Jason is proudly working in the promotion of Para DanceSport in Victoria and is also on the state board of  DanceSport Victoria.

Our Classes & Services




Salsa refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean (especially in Cuba and Puerto Rico), Latin and North America.
Our Salsa classes are so much fun. Teaching students individual and partnered steps, technique and routines. 
The amazing music will have you dancing up a storm. 

Couples Dancing

Seniors Classes


Dancing is for everyone, no matter your age.


Our Seniors Dance sessions allow dancers to benefit from the key social, mental and physical elements of dancing, in a more relaxed and slow paced format. 

Our Instructors have created this program to ensure people of all ages, ability and mobility can enjoy dancing.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ballroom Recovery


Our Ballroom Recovery sessions are hosted by our Move Recovery specialists. This program has been developed specifically for Ballroom dancers, with a key focus on Mobility and Flexibility.

Managing your Recovery is vital to ensure you can compete in your optimum condition. 

First Dance

Wedding Dance


Whether you are looking to learn some simple steps or an elaborate routine, our team will help create a Wedding dance as unique as you. 

Wedding Dance sessions can focus on your first dance, or bring in your Parents or Bridal Party to ensure a night never to forget. 

Our fun and no pressure environment will ensure you feel supported throughout the process. Check out our Wedding page for more information. 

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It is easy to fall in love with the famous Spanish dance Flamenco. 

The flamenco is a solo dance characterized by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm, and body movements.

This class is suitable for all levels.




Our Teens classes are a safe, fun and welcoming environment for young men and women to learn the art of Ballroom dancing. 
Covering Ballroom, Latin American, Street Latin and New Vogue styles, these classes are a great place for your teen to foster key relationships, maintain their physical health, increase their self esteem and importantly, have lots of fun! 

Teens only Social Sessions also run at Move Studios

Dance Class

Weekly Workshop


At Move, we are all about collaboration, bringing together the key benefits of all divisions. We love to bring together dancers and instructors across all styles of dance to learn together. 

Each week we offer a different workshop, often hosted by guest instructors. These workshops are designed to develop your inter-disciplinary skills to ensure you become a well rounded performer.

*Some workshops will be included in membership, some with special guests will be noted with an additional charge*

Dance Lesson

Floor Space Hire

Are you looking for a space to rehearse, teach or hold an audition?

You are more than welcome to hire any of the Studio spaces or the entire venue. 

Jump over to our Venue page or contact or team for all the details. 

Dance Floor

Social Classes


Our social night give dancers the chance to dance it out in a fun and celebratory environment. 

Social nights allow you to practice all of your routines, while meeting, engaging and dancing with a range of people. 

Our good music, beautiful lighting and varied program will have you dancing up a storm. 


Competition Training


Our Competition Training/ Practice Class runs on Friday evenings starting with optional Ballroom Fitness and Ballroom Recovery sessions hosted by our division experts. 

This inter-disciplinary approach will ensure you are in prime competition condition. 

Modern Dance Class

Move Camps


Once every few months, our team put together an in house Move Camp.


Hosted by our expert team and guest instructors, these day long event's combine key seminars, workshops and classes across all three divisions. 

Be sure to check out our 'Events' page to book a spot in our next Move camp.

*Camps are charged additionally to memberships*


Performance Group

Whether you are competing full time, or just dancing for fun we aim to provide you with opportunities to perform.

Our performance groups are small group classes that focus on a particular routine for a performance. 

More Elite performers will be offered external performance opportunities. 

Dancing Legs

Exam Classes


Exam classes are offered in all styles including Ballroom, Latin American and New Vogue. 

After learning your routines and technique, you will have the opportunity to complete your Exam on Achievement day, a great way to celebrate that milestone with your friends, family and the wider Move community. 

Fitness Class

Ballroom Fitness


Our Ballroom Fitness sessions are hosted by our Move Fitness specialists. This program has been developed specifically for Ballroom dancers, with a key focus on Stamina and Toning.

Managing your fitness is vital to ensure you can compete in your optimum condition. 

Ballroom Dancing

Private Lessons


Whether you are new to dancing, or an elite performer/ competitor, having Private lessons will help tailor your dance education to your ability, skills and goals. 

Private Lessons are available with any Move team members as well as a range of Guest coaches that teach within Move Studios. 

Private lessons need to be book directly with your preferred teacher. 

*Private lessons are charged additionally to memberships*