Yoga Class Participants



We are very passionate about creating a supportive community where people of all ages, experience levels and abilities can move together. Collectively, let's be sure to guide, support and celebrate the achievements of all Movers while having plenty of fun along the way.


No matter whether you are just getting started or identify as an elite athlete, be assured that you will be a valued member of our Community.


Our expert team are all about collaboration, offering holistic support for your health and wellness across our Fitness, Dance and Recovery Divisions.


Each team member is unique in their experience but equal in their enthusiasm to uphold the key values that Move was built on. We appreciate your help in maintaining our positive Move culture.

Proudly the home of

We are all about community and collaboration, that is why our all accessible, modern facility also operates as the home of other movement based small businesses. We reject the concept and expectations that we should compete with one another. Instead we chose to come together aligned with our common experience, values and passion.