Let's come together to celebrate all of our diverse goals in a place of support and acceptance.

With a range of Fitness classes and personalized services available, Move is the perfect place for every age, experience level and ability. 

No matter your reason for moving, our expert team are here to support you to achieve your goals in a fun, genuine and inclusive environment. 

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PT. Sports Nutritionist

Linda is a Melbourne based Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and accredited Sports Nutritionist. Linda is a former Figure skater having competed across Australia and Internationally. 

After having her children, Linda was focused on creating the most happy and healthy lifestyle she could and now competes World wide as a Natural Bikini Pro and Glamour Pro.

Her mission is to create a space where everyone can celebrate their diverse goals and achievements with complete support and acceptance and education. 



Group Classes

Girls Doing Push Ups


Tailored to suit all fitness and ability levels, our signature Burn classes combine body weight resistance training and cardio. The class is structured to balance bursts of intensity with short rest breaks to get your heart rate up. Our team ensure to offer high and low impact options to ensure all movements can be tailored to suit your body. Come and join us to not only burn calories and increase your fitness, but to release those endorphins and have plenty of fun!



Our Family fit classes are all about fun and convenience! Suitable for all ages, these sessions are designed to combine cardio and resistance to allow children and adults to benefit from the key social, physical and cognitive benefits of training together. All movements can be modified to suit different abilities. Let’s get the music pumping, those disco lights on and have some Family fun! Children that are not yet able to follow instructions may benefit from trying out Mini Mover program first.

Workout with Skipping Rope


Suitable for all experience levels and abilities, our Strong sessions are all about building your strength using your own body. This class features a range of body weight movement and resistance band training to tone and strengthen your muscles. All movements are adaptable to suit your bodies needs using time under tension and form modifications to increase the degree of difficulty as you get stronger.



We are passionate about integrating the key  benefits of Sports at a young age, in a fun and supportive environment.

Our programs allow little athletes to improve key  social, physical and
cognitive skills relevant to their age while learning the introductory skills of a range of popular sports and having plenty of fun! Check out more information by clicking through to our Mini Movers page.

Woman Boxing


Our Boxing fit class combines body weight training and cardio with Boxing skills and drills. 


With no boxing experience required, this class is perfect for all ages and abilities. 

These sessions also assist in increasing other physical skills such as balance and coordination. 

Weights at Gym


Lift is our signature circuit style class of weight based training. Designed to tone and strengthen your muscles, the class is a combination of machine and free weights interspersed with body weight resistance exercises. To uphold our hygiene standards and align with our COVID safe plan, all Lift sessions are limited so be sure to book your weekly sessions in advance.

Personalised Services

Intense Training


Looking for more tailored support? Our trainers will create a program specifically designed for your experience level, abilities and goals and support you to achieve them. 

*Note: This service is not included in your Membership price. Please see pricing page for more information*

Gym Fitness Trainers


If you are after a more tailored approach but still love having a workout buddy our 2:1 Personal Training is perfect for you. 

*Note: This service is not included in your Membership price. Please see pricing page for more information*

Online Cooking Class


We all know that eating well is vital for your health but it can be challenging to know what is best for you. Our in house accredited sports nutritionist will educate, plan and guide you along the way.

*Note: This service is not included in your Membership price. Please see pricing page for more information*



Competition Services

- Female specific comp prep coaching

- Posing and presentation

- Mindset Mentoring

Everything you need to have your ultimate stage experience.

*Note: This service is not included in your Membership price. Please see pricing page for more information*