United as a team, we bring together decades of inter-disciplinary experience and passion to offer a premium, welcoming and fun environment for our community. Our expert team are all about collaboration, offering holistic support for your health and wellness across our Fitness, Dance and Recovery Divisions.


Each team member is unique in their experience but equal in their enthusiasm to uphold the key values that Move was built on. Think of our Team as your personal wellness entourage, here to guide, support and celebrate each member of the Move family while making sure we all have plenty of fun along the way.



PT & Fitness Instructor

Linda is a Melbourne based Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and accredited Sports Nutritionist. Linda is a former Figure skater having competed across Australia and Internationally. 

After having her children, Linda was focused on creating the most happy and healthy lifestyle she could and now competes World wide as a Natural Bikini Pro and Glamour Pro.

Her mission is to create a space where everyone can celebrate their diverse goals and achievements with complete support and acceptance and education. 



Dance Instructor

Tori is a Melbourne based commercial dancer and dedicated teacher who has trained in many styles. Tori completed professional dance training at Jason Coleman's Ministry of dance in 2013 and has since worked full time performing both nationally and internationally. Tori has worked with many notable companies/artists including; Norwegian Creative studios, Melbourne storm NRL cheer, Melbourne United NBL cheer, and Nickelodeon Slime fest. Alongside performing Tori is very passionate about teaching dance to all ages and loves to create a fun and caring environment for her students to learn.




Coming from a background of elite sport, I have always had an interest in the capabilities of our bodies, sport psychology and how to get the most out of ourselves.  Over this period of competing I had limited quality treatment which 100% impacted my ability to perform at an elite level consistently.

I have had many years experience working in elite sporting clubs including the Richmond Football Club plus Melbourne Storm as well as 5 years of clinical experience. I also have an extensive educational background- completing a
Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Health
Science (Clinical Myotherapy).