Recovery is vital to ensure you are holistically managing your health and wellness. 

In our team’s collective experience, we find that many people commonly miss out on the key benefits of Recovery. That is why, our recovery experts have developed a range of programs and services to suit all lifestyles.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, recovery is vital to ensure you are holistically managing your health and wellness.





Coming from a background of elite sport, I have always had an interest in the capabilities of our bodies, sport psychology and how to get the most out of ourselves.  Over this period of competing I had limited quality treatment which 100% impacted my ability to perform at an elite level consistently.

I have had many years experience working in elite sporting clubs including the Richmond Football Club plus Melbourne Storm as well as 5 years of clinical experience. I also have an extensive educational background- completing a
Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Health
Science (Clinical Myotherapy).

Our Programs and Services

Yoga Stretches

Pilates- Open Flow

A medium to high intensity HIIT style Pilates workout to strengthen and tone your muscles. The focus is on the Pilates Powerhouse – Your strong core!

Challenge your upper and lower body and finish off with an injection of cardio.

Strengthen, Sweat, Smile.

BYO Mat, Towel, Water and optional Hand weights if you want that extra challenge!

Exercising with Baby

Mum & Bub

A gentle yoga class designed for Mums and young Babies.

The perfect re-introduction to exercise after pregnancy and childbirth and a beautiful opportunity to connect with your baby.

Feeding friendly, nappy change friendly – We are all mums and we support one another!

BYO Mat, Blanket for baby, Towel, Water and Baby!!

Laughing Yoga

Yoga Flow

In Yoga flow we take a vinyasa approach to our class where each posture blends into another like a beautiful dance. With the music flowing we use the tempo to assist with our breath into each movement. In Yoga Flow we build our cardio, strength and flexibility, as we challenge ourselves to a faster pace flow. With breath and movement being our main focus for the class, it feels like a moving meditation as we keep the music as our guide.


Rapid Compression Boots

Rapid Compression Boots are wearable leg cuffs that use active sequential compression to help our legs recover faster by assisting the the removal of metabolic by-products. The compression starts at your ankle and works towards your hips, creating pressure proximally back towards your heart.

*Note: This service is not included in your Membership price. Please see pricing page for more information*

Family Time

Family Yogalates

A fusion of Pilates and Yoga for the whole family to enjoy.

Discover the best of both disciplines in this class that will start with Pilates based strengthening for your upper body, lower body and core.

And finish with some Vinyasa style moving meditation to help you wind down and find your own Zen.

BYO Mat, Towel, Water and Smile J - Hand weights optional.

Yoga Pose

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga is an introduction to the world of yoga! In kids yoga we learn calming breathing techniques, yoga postures and mindful relaxation (meditation).

Yoga creates greater awareness of not only the body but of our breathing and emotions as well. After experiencing kids yoga, children often feel more relaxed, mindful of their bodies and minds, and gain confidence while staying active.

It’s a non-competitive environment for children to learn something new and feel safe while exploring their movements.

Yoga Class

Mini & Me Yoga

No matter your age, recovery is important. Teaching young Movers how to maintain their body from a young age is an invaluable healthy habit.

As part of our Family Movers programs, Family recovery is a fun and relaxed class suitable for the whole family. Combining Pilates, Yoga, Stretch and Meditation, your whole family will leave feeling connected and refreshed. 


Power Pilates

Blasting good tunes, we will get ready to sweat with this Pilates and Cardio combo that will have you coming back for more! The Power Pilates Goals classes, our Signature Pilates Classes - focus on those areas that can always do with extra love and attention – arms, abs, legs and booty! You will be feeling the burn in all the right places! These classes will have you buzzing from an endorphin hit.

Good for your general health, heart, blood flow and weight loss – cardio is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and even help you sleep better.

Reformer Workout

Teens Yoga

Teens yoga is an introduction to mindful movement. Yoga increases strength and flexibility, while Simultaneously reducing stress and anxiety. Through teens yoga, we become more aware of our body and confident in our ability to move. In this class we breath to the flow of the music and are invited to learn more about our bodies and mind.



Myotherapy is a system of health care primarily focusing on assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain. Myotherapy is used in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions as well as preventive management. Myotherapists treat various issues such as sporting and occupational injuries, stiffness and soreness, chronic pain and overuse syndromes plus other chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

*Note: This service is not included in your Membership price. Please see pricing page for more information*

Prenatal Yoga Lesson

Pre & Post Natal

A gentle class designed for the New Mums and the Mums to be.

The female body endures extreme changes and often challenges in the lead up to and recovery from childbirth. Staying active and strong during this time is a gift you can give yourself and your baby.

This class will keep you active and limber in a safe and supportive environment. Endorphins released through exercise improve mood… Happy Mumma, Happy Bubba!

BYO Mat, Towel, Water. Babies Welcome J

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat

Basic Yoga

Beginner friendly yoga, is a chance to try something new in a casual and inclusive space. Yoga is for everyone! So, learning the correct alignment in your postures (asanas) and adapting breath to movement (pranayama) is essential in your yoga journey. Come to beginner friendly yoga classes for a slower flow, where you can feel the power in each pose. This class is a mindful practice with a focus on building confidence and awareness in your body.


Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is geared toward athletes of any kind, from elite athletes to weekend warriors. We generally focus on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements. Sports massage therapy can be used as a means to enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time for maximum performance during training or after an event. 

*Note: This service is not included in your Membership price. Please see pricing page for more information*