Located in Kilsyth, Move Studios was founded to unite people of all ages, experience levels and abilities to move together.


We offer a range of classes, services and events across our Fitness, Dance and Recovery divisions. Each Move program has been meticulously developed by our team of experts to ensure every time you move with us, your complete health and well being have been considered.


We like to keep things easy, adaptable and stress free, allowing our community the ability to explore the full spectrum of movement in one convenient location. Our supportive and fun environment is suitable for everyone. Whether you are just getting started or identify as an elite athlete, Move is the place for you.


We understand not every day is the same, that is why our timetable and pricing structures have been designed to offer suitable options for all lifestyles.


We are all about community and collaboration, that is why our all accessible, modern facility also operates as the home of other movement based small businesses.


Move studios was created to specifically address common issues our founders personally experienced when engaging with traditional venues.


It always felt challenging to find a venue that ticked all the boxes regarding culture, pricing, location and timetable. At Move, we have considered and prioritized it all, there are no sacrifices to make.


We pride ourselves on offering complete convenience, a one stop shop to care for all of your mental, physical and social needs. Our goal is to eliminate the inconveniences of having multiple memberships across different facilities in an attempt to get 'everything'.


Unlike traditional gyms, our welcoming, inclusive and pressure free environment ensures that everyone can feel personally supported as part of the Move community.


Our expert team are all about collaboration, offering holistic support for your health and wellness across all of our divisions.


Each team member is an established, industry specialist in their chosen field.


United as a team, we bring together decades of inter-disciplinary experience, passion, and common values to offer a premium, welcoming and fun environment for our community.


Think of our Team as your personal wellness entourage, actively collaborating to ensure you are moving safely.


Let us take away the responsibility of managing strategies across your support network. Together we will ensure any considerations are integrated across the board