Hand Hygiene


Hand Hygiene

Here is all you need to know

What we need from you

To ensure everyone's continued safety, we require all Movers to follow our COVID safe policies. We will continue to update these requirements to align with current governemnt guidelines.

  • Please do not attend class if anyone in your immediate family in unwell or has any symptoms of common cold, flu, Covid-19 or similar for a minimum of 14 days. Ensure to get tested and follow the advice of your health care provider. Anyone with any symptoms will be asked to leave. Please contact us immediately if you or someone you have been in contact with tests positive for Covid-19.
  • Ensure your hands are washed/ sanitized when entering the building, before, during and after classes and when appropriate.
  • Ensure to utilize our online booking system for each class you attend to assist with our government contact tracing requirements and social distancing guidelines.
  • Help us keep our studios clean. Please let our team know of any hygiene breaches, spills or concerns. Please tidy up after yourself and ensure items are put in the bins provided.
  • Please do not enter the building until 5 minutes before your class time to allow our team to ensure the space is cleaned properly between sessions
  • When inside the building, ensure to remain 1.5 metres away from other people (excluding any members of your immediate household)
  • Ensure to wear your mask in public and as advised by government guidelines.
  • Please be aware that our team will take your temperature before entering the facility.
  • No class booking will be finalized without a declaration of good health. If anything changes with your health between booking and attending your class make sure to contact our team and cancel your booking.
  • Please note that Change rooms are closed until further notice in adherence to government guidelines.
  • Please bring your own water bottle, Kitchen facilities are closed at present.

What our team will do

The health and well being of our community is our number one priority. To ensure our venue is COVID safe, we will ensure the following:

  • Any team member that is unwell in any way will not be allowed to teach for a minimum of 14 days. They will also be required to provided a negative Covid test before returning to work.
  • Our class sizes are limited in accordance with government guidelines managed by an online booking system.
  • We will complete and continually review our Covid safe policies to align with governement guidelines.
  • We follow all government contact tracing requirements.
  • We will provide adequate seating spaced in adherence to government social distancing guidelines
  • Contactless payments options are available
  • Classes have been designed to limit the use of any shared equpiment. Any shared equpiment or highly touched areas (eg. door handles) will be thouroughly cleaned between uses.
  • Although hygiene is always a priority, we have increase routine environmental cleaning. There is plenty of sanitizer and soap available for everyone.
  • We will use floor markers to accommodate social distancing where needed. Our classes will remain as non-contact until we are notified otherwise.
  • All rooms within the venue are marked to ensure everyone is aware of the maximum people allowed in any particular area at one time.
  • Change rooms will remain closed until further notice. Bathrooms are accesible.
  • We follow strict cleaning procedures outlined below
  • Ensure all staff are trained in Covid management
  • Ensure to communicate with all Community members regarding any updates
  • Ensure our timetable is designed to minimize cross over between classes as much as possible. Assign classes to serparate closed spaces to ensure social distancing.

Our Cleaning procedures

Our team take cleaning and hygiene very seriously. Here is an overview of what we do to keep the venue COVID safe:

In between each session:

  • All high touch areas will be cleaned and santized (eg. Door handles, music equipment, taps, eftpos machines etc)
  • Staff will clean their phone between sessions when used to control music, check time etc
  • Any Floor markers used in classes will be santizied
  • All used chairs will be cleaned between sessions.
Our Team ensure to regularly Deep clean the venue on top of these processes to ensure the ongoing health and safety of all community members.

Our Contact plan

Our team are big on communication. In the unlikely chance that contact tracing is required, we will do the following:
1. Contact relevant Health Authorities
2. Personally Contact any persons that were potentially exposed using our booking system records
3. Communicate to our wider community using Email and social Media platforms.
4. Close the venue (if necessary) until further notice.

Move Studios was founded during the 2020 COVID pandemic. This meant that the on going effects of the virus were greatly considered with every fundamental decision that we made.


Some key examples include:

  • All programs have been developed to operate with low to no equipment.

  • All Movers are required to uphold our COVID declaration

  • Our booking system has been developed to ensure easy and quick communication etc.


There is an immense shared responsibility to ensure that Move Studios is COVID safe. We want to assure you that the health and safety of all Movers is our number one priority. We have therefore outlined our COVID safe plan below for your reference. We believe it is vital to be as transparent as possible with our responsibilities and expectations. 


We trust that all Movers will work collectively to uphold all health and safety requirements. We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping us ensure that Move Studios is a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.