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List of class times per division


Monday- 9:30am - FIT- Linda Monday- 7:30pm - BURN- Linda Tuesday- 6:15pm- BOXING- Linda Wednesday- 9:30- BURN/ FIT- Linda Wednesday- 5:45pm- BOXING- Mitch Wednesday 6:30pm- SHAKE IT- DANCE CARDIO- Mitch Thursday- 7:30pm- FIT- Linda


Wednesday- 6:45pm- Shake it- Dance Cardio- Mitch Thursday 11:30am- Open Class (professional)- Tori Thursday 6:45pm- Move it (Beginner Open Class)- Tori Thursday 6:45pm- Salsa- Natalie Thursday 7:30pm- Open Class (Int-Adv) Friday- 6:45pm- Dance Fit Saturday- Move it (Beginner Open Class) - Natalie See Ballroom tab for more


Monday- 6:00pm- Teen Latin & Teen Ballroom Classes- Varied Teachers Monday- 6:30- Teen Social Monday - 7:30pm- Bronze New Vogue (Adult and Teens) Monday - 8:00pm- Silver New Vogue (Adult and Teens) Monday - 8:30pm- Open New Vogue (Adult and Teens) Tuesday- 7:00pm- Beginner and Advanced Latin Technique Tuesday- 7:30pm- Beginner and Advanced Ballroom Technique Tuesday- 8:00pm- Social Thursday 6:45pm- Salsa Fusion Friday 6:45pm- Dancer Fitness Friday 7:30pm- Dancer Yoga Friday 8:30pm- Practice Class Private Lessons by appointment with all Teachers See Dance tab for other styles


Tuesday 9:30am- Basic Yoga- Kelly Friday 6:45pm- Basic Yoga- Kelly Friday 7:30pm- Dancer Yoga- Kelly Sunday 9:00am- Pilates- Tori Sunday 9:45am- Family Yogalates- Tori Sunday 10:30am- Parent and Bub Yoga- Tori Sunday 11:15am- Pre/ Post Natal Stretch- Tori